Meteor full stack framework - below prime references

        Meteor change Log (2.5)

        Meteor history

              Tiny acquisition (2nd October 2019) 

        Meteor 2.11


        Meteor 1.8

        Meteor 1.6 (upgrade guide) 

        Meteor 1.5 (May 2017)     Forum 



Coursera (by University of London & Goldsmiths)


News-Information channels

       Initial tips

Angular (1 and 2) - React blend-in 

Mantra architecture: Meteor + React.JS (by Otto Von Wachter)  


DevOps DigitalOcean

Framework decission challenge

        2016 telerik

2016 main topic React versus Angular.js 2 (by Cory House)

       2016 Aurelia (to track)

Tools (recommendation JAN 2016)

Sublime Text 3 with packages Meteor Autocomplete tern.js and eventually Meteor Snippets

Heroku hosting via 

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